How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Car?

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Washing Your Car

Is It Possible to Wash Your Car Too Much?

With all the salt that your car accumulates from the road in the winter, it’s important to keep your car clean to avoid rusting. Often, however, only a few days after giving your vehicle a wash it becomes filthy again, forcing you to give it another wash in an endless cycle. But is it possible to wash your car too much?

Assuming “too much” means so much that it damages the car, then yes, it is possible to wash your vehicle too much. But, that is usually only true if it is being washed improperly.

You could argue that exposing your car to so much water may cause an acceleration of rust accumulation in areas that are difficult to dry. But when it comes to the trade off between water and potentially corrosive dirt, we’ll take the water any day. In addition, some say exposing your vehicle to all of the chemicals used when washing could dull the paint job. Again, however, if your vehicle is dirty then it’s better to wash it.

Top 5 Car Washing Mistakes That Could Damage Your Vehicle

Washing Your CarSo, yes, washing your vehicle improperly more often may increase the potential for damage. The key, of course, is to know how to safely wash your car and avoid the following mistakes many drivers make when cleaning their vehicles.

  1. Using dish soap: You may see many car cleaning tips that suggest using dish soap for an easy wash. The truth is, however, soap not formulated for your car could be too harsh on the paint.
  2. Over-drying: While it may be difficult to over-wash your car, you can over-dry. This means using too much force during the drying process, leaving streaks or rubbing leftover dirt into the paint.
  3. Washing with a sponge or other tool not suited for cars: A sponge may be soft enough for your dishes but it can cause debris to form swirl marks on the surface of the car’s paint. Instead, use a microfiber cloth designed to better absorb dirt.
  4. Using only one cloth: You will likely use multiple products when washing your vehicle, so to avoid cross-contamination, be sure to have multiple washing cloths on hand.
  5. Using only one bucket: To avoid contaminating your washing cloth with the dirt you’ve already removed from the vehicle, you should have two buckets: one filled with soap for washing and the other filled with just water for rinsing.

Get a Car Wash in Manchester CT

Washing Your CarSo, is it really possible to wash your car too much? As long as you are doing it properly and not in a way that could cause damage, you should be fine. If your car is dirty, wash away.

In fact, cleaning off the dirt and salt that accumulates on your car is so important, that we offer free car washes for the entire lifetime of each vehicle purchased through Manchester Mazda. Our on-site car wash is even open in the winter when the temperature is above freezing, so you can stop in anytime you need a wash or we’ll take care of the wash for you before you pick up your vehicle.

Here at Manchester Mazda, we always make sure your vehicle is clean and ready to go before you drive it off the lot. If you’d like more tips on how to best wash your vehicle, feel free to contact us.

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