MAZDA3 Tire Size

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2021 Mazda3 Hatchback

No matter what you use your Mazda3 sedan or hatchback for, when you’ve got the right set of tires on it, your Hartford drive will go just a little smoother. What Mazda3 tire size do you need to get the best possible performance? Your tires will vary between trim packages, so take a look at this guide on Mazda3 parts courtesy of Manchester Mazda. We specialize in nothing but the finest genuine OEM parts and we’re committed to helping you drive better. Come learn alongside us.

MAZDA3 Tires: Sizes by Model

While our service team is ready for your call and are willing to help out with any question you may have, we think it’s in your best interest to go in informed. Check out our listing of the most popular options for Mazda3 tires by trim:

  • Mazda3 4-Door 2.0 Sedan: 205/60R16
  • Mazda3 4-Door 2.5 S Sedan: 205/60R16
  • Mazda3 4-Door Select Package: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 4-Door Preferred Package: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 4-Door Premium Package: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 4-Door 2.5 Turbo: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 4-Door 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 5-Door Hatchback 2.5 S: 205/60R16
  • Mazda3 5-Door Hatchback Select Package: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 5-Door Preferred Package: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 5-Door Premium Package: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 5-Door 2.5 Turbo: 215/45R18
  • Mazda3 5-Door 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus: 215/45R18

MAZDA3 Parts: Tire Tools

If you’re looking to get your tires changed from the comfort of your garage in Vernon or Glastonbury, you need a couple tools to get the job done right. Here’s what you’ll want to have on hand when you plan your next DIY maintenance job:

  • Gear ratio calculator
  • Tire size calculator
  • Metric tire conversion
  • Speed calibration

MAZDA3 Tires: Tire Types

Now that you know about Mazda3 tires, you’ll want to consider what style of tires you want. The Mazda3 tire size is only half the story. You’ll also want to pick from these varieties of tires to make sure that you’re getting on the road right:

  • All season tires
  • Winter tires
  • Street/performance tires
  • Off road/mud terrain tires
  • Summer tires

Discover More About the MAZDA3 with Manchester Mazda

Now we’ve shown you the basics of Mazda3 tire size and type, but if you’re still wondering about something and need a question answered, it’s time to talk to Manchester Mazda. We’re the experts people in Manchester and nearby areas count on. Contact us today to get the conversation started!

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