How Do I Know if I Need a New Battery?

June 27th, 2018 by

Male mechanic changing car battery

Being stranded with a dead battery is no fun, but there are tips you can follow to understand signs of battery life and when you have a failing battery. Check them out here, and then come in for Mazda service near Bolton at Manchester Mazda.

  • Manufacturer Schedule – The easiest way to avoid a dead battery is by following the replacement schedule recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Sluggish Engine Crank – If you turn the key to start the car but it’s slow to start, it may be time for a new battery.
  • Battery Fluid Low – Look at the translucent casing in the battery to make sure the battery fluid level is high enough.
  • Extreme Heat – In oppressive heat, your battery may swell, markedly decreasing its life.
  • Check Engine Light – One of many reasons your check engine light may be on is that your battery may be depleted.
2018 Mazda3 Interior steering wheel
2018 Mazda3 Interior

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